Patch Up Peeling or Dented Drywall

Hire us for your expert drywall repair services in Sherwood or North Little Rock, AR

Perez Painting Services offers drywall repair for all your needs. Whether your walls are suffering from water or structural damage, our team will be there to fix them.
Our drywall services include:

  • Water damage repair
  • Structural crack repair
  • Large drywall sheet replacement
  • Covering and painting of drywall
  • Accelerated drying of drywall
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Why is it important to repair your drywall?

Cracks, water damage or holes on your walls are common in older buildings and fixtures. Even though these cracks are harmless and can be fixed easily, this doesn't mean they should be left unattended.

Getting expert drywall repairs from our experts at Perez Painting Services can benefit your building in many ways. These benefits include:

  • Durability - Drywall is usually more durable than plaster and is easy to repair.
  • Simple installation - Installing and repairing drywall is much easier and faster than plaster. It also doesn't require applying another coat, which saves time.
  • Fire-resistance - Drywall prevents fire from expanding quickly. This can save your home or business from any hefty damages or repairs.
Make sure to protect your home as best as possible. Make an appointment with Perez Painting Services to schedule your next drywall repair in Sherwood or North Little Rock, AR. Call us anytime at 501-259-9689. Ask about our free estimates.